Why is it that some seem to be especially blessed and everything they take up becomes an instant success and yet others, doing exactly the same, just pile up misery, debts and frustration?

This answer is worth at least £10,000.00!!!

And here it is!

Karma Singh is one of Europe's foremost healers and abundance trainers.and has put together the distilled essence of 36 years research and training especially for you to make this year
the best year of your life - starting today!

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The truth is that BEING healthy, wealthy, happy, etc. are states of mind not actions. Wealth and poverty, for example are expressions of what you believe and expect of yourself and your life. These expectations control the quality of your actions and determine not only whether what you do is appropriate to your goal but also whether your actions will be accepted or rejected by others. It is this qualitative difference and not the actions themselves which determines success or failure.

Now, it is a fact that there is no genetic, constitutional, physiological or other organic cause for not being rich, happy, beloved, wanted, etc., etc.. they are nothing other than simply bad habits! Habits can be changed. This course is about doing exactly that.

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Whatever it is that you seek, be this peace, love, partnership, self-confidence, clarity, independence, wealth or whatever, you can have Everything you want. Now!10 weeks that totally change your life!In each of us there slumbers a giant power responsible for fulfilling ALL our wishes.This is how to awaken it!


We're not just talking here about money although the lack of a sufficient amount of this appears, for many, to be the biggest problem in their life. Dissolving this problem is, however, only a small part of what this course will do.

I would now ask you to consider an old English saying: "There's no smoke without fire" and an expression from "modern" psychology: "Imagination relies upon and is an expression of memory".

We have probably all seen in the cinema and on television martial arts experts flying through the air and walking on water and being bullet-proof etc.. I'm not going to ask you to accept that these are literal truth but simply pose the question, "upon what memories of human experience are these stories and pictures based?" There is some kernel of truth present in them.

What I am now going to ask you to believe is much simpler. I am going to ask you to remember that some people are rich, some are happy, some are in joyous relationships, some are free and that some are at peace. I am then going to ask you to accept that these attributes are not rewards doled out in a miserly fashion to a selected few but are present in every human being. All that is necessary is to learn how to realise them.

The truth is that everyone can be all of these as soon as they remove the inner obstacles to them.

Now I'm not suggesting that you devote a lifetime's study of a Shaolin monk in order to walk in the air. I am, however, suggesting that it is possible for you to quickly realise the attributes mentioned above which you daily see around you.

I am not asking you to believe that you can realise this potential in ten weeks, I am guaranteeing that you will!
I have, to date, invested 34 years in studying such phenomena. Initially it was my hobby and for the last 18 years I have been professionally helping people to solve "insoluble problems", to heal "incurable diseases" and to do "impossible things".

Now it's your turn!
The techniques which I have refined and distilled here have their roots both in "ancient" oriental wisdom and modern psychology. Together with Isis Nölke, one of the most original thinkers on the planet, I have designed a course to change your life.

The six "lessons" over the ten weeks are so simple that anyone may use them yet so powerful that nothing can resist them. The lessons break down into two parts:


1 - 3 remove the obstacles which prevent you realising your potential.

4 – 6 rapidly unfold your power to re-create your life in the way in which you will it.

Lesson 1: - 28 days. Dissolving all the useless baggage which holds you back and diverts your attention from what you really want to do.

Lesson 2: - 12 days. Dissolving everything which binds you to the past and causes your life to go around in circles.

Lesson 3: - 10 days. Dissolving the death wish through which society has taught you to be afraid and to not use your power.

The is the most of the work. In order to do that which you have not previously done, 70% of the preparation for it is to forget that you cannot do it! The first part of the course is this forgetting.

Part two has a very different character and is the other 30%.

Lesson 4: - 14 days. Awakening and balancing your creative will and your power to manifest.

Lesson 5: - 13 days. Transforming unconscious, paralysing indoctrination into effortless creativity.

Lesson 6: - The final 2 weeks. Manifesting all your wishes.

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Throughout the whole recorded history of mankind one thing and only one has always, in all places and at all times been a crime. Despite this, never has a prosecution, nor a trial, nor a judgement nor yet an appeal ever taken place. Notwithstanding this, millions have been sentenced to life-long punishment without recourse, succour or relief.

 Their crime is: ....... NOT being rich!

Learn how easy it is to develop your power of abundanceGet rid of everything that has ever held you backStop counting pennies; start counting bank accounts.

 Get your life where YOU want it:


  1. Where the rich obtain cash discounts on their purchases the poor pay extra over and above the full purchase price paying in instalments.
  2. The richer you are, the less you have to work, the poorer you are, the longer your working hours.
  3. If you're rich you only pay for your car once. If you're poor you pay for it over and over again in repair costs.
  4. If you're so rich you can't think what to spend your money on, the banks give you even more money. If you have problems making ends meet, you have to pay money to the banks so that they, in turn, can give it to the rich.
  5. The richer you are, the less tax you pay.

Withall, there is more than sufficient of all resources upon this planet for all six billion of us to live the lifestyle of a millionaire! You don't have to take my word for this: Look up some economic statistics, research it yourself. there really is much more than enough of everything.It could, therefore, be a good idea to take a look at what has caused this imbalance and to see how you can correct it for yourself.

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Guaranteed!!! As a child you learned from your environment what you may and may not do. Some of these things were taught for your own safety. Some, however, have no practical use. These are the "rules" by which others believe you should live. Almost all of these rules have to do with making you feel bad about feeling good.Do you see to where all this brings us? You are living by rules which someone else invented in order to make you feel bad about his/her inadequacies! You have been taught, and that most thoroughly, that, by being a victim of someone else’s bad feelings about him/herself, you are being a proper and conscientious member of society.

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As soon as you step outside of the victim consciousness that society demands of you, you are in the position of being able to do anything and everything you want to – literally! Wanna know how to get there from here?

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How can I afford it?If you were to come into my practise for these six lessons over ten weeks you must expect to pay $1770.°° plus travel and accommodation. Should you wish to do so, I have no problem with this: Simply mail me at karma@harmonyenergyconsultants.com for appointments.

Should you, however, prefer to use the course in the comfort of your own home please read further.

We have decided to make this course available for less than $40.°° (€ 40,- within the EEC) not only so that EVERYONE can afford it but also, when millions of people practice the course, this can not only revitalise the world economy but also bring about a fundamental, structural improvement.

For US$ 37.00 (N. America) ₤ 24.00 (U.K.) € 37.00 elsewhere, you may now purchase your future.

This is a one-time payment including all six parts of the course.

Free associates programme for all registered purchasers.

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I, Karma Singh, give you my personal guarantee that this training course will dramatically change your life.
If, for any reason, you are dissatisfied you may cancel your order at any time before you start part two of the course (four weeks after part 1) for a full 100% no questions asked refund!


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